About Echoes & Chimes

Echoes and Chimes is a newsletter written and run by Tharin Pillay.

Formerly a place for Tharin to share idle musings and moody poetry, since 2024 it has pivoted to focus on how digital technologies (particularly digital platforms and advanced AI systems) are transforming us, and what to do about it. Some moody poetry etc. still slips through the cracks.

Tharin is currently supported by the Tarbell Fellowship. He has previously worked on criminal justice policy research at a university; anti-corruption advocacy at a civil society organisation; and various projects related to civil society strategy/fundraising, media policy, and AI at a small South African consulting firm.

Other published work can be found here.

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Essays on how digital technology is reshaping human experience 🛰️🪐


South African writer and researcher🍃 focused on and fascinated by how digital technology transforms society